David and Lourdes Hildoer

David and Lourdes Hildoer

I love my dentist. Not only do they give FREE nitrous (laughing gas), It feels more like a spa day than getting a filling. A pillow for under my neck? Moistening my lips so my lips don't dry out during the procedure? a blanket when I got chilly? Music or dish TV channel of my choice? What? And a warm towelette to wipe your face at the end! My dental work was exquisitely done too. Near painless shots, friends!!!! Not only are they great and competent dental professionals but their attention to detail, comfort, and cleanliness is amazing. Just the best dental experience ever. Love love love Dr Kennedy and her assistant Lauren at Lost Mountain Dental! It's so clear to see that the entire staff is carefully chosen and trained. They have anticipated every need and they just like to keep patients happy. They are competent and conservative in their approach. If you have any phobias about dentists or if you just like being pampered you need to go here. 3951 Mary Eliza Trace, Marietta. Across the street from Due West Elementary.

Christi Mendoza

Christi Mendoza

Took my 3 year old daughter in for her 1st dental visit and we saw Teri and Dr.Kennedy. They were both absolutely AMAZING!! Everything from the front team doting on her and making her feel comfortable to the cleaning was great! They were extremely patient and explained things in a way to make her comfortable and not scared! Thank you so much for making what could have been a stressful visit, for both her and I, into a great experience! Highly recommend!

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker

I have been with this practice for a very long time. Every single employee in this office goes above and beyond to make your visit comfortable. I cannot imagine ever finding another dentists office that would even come close to the level of treatment you receive here. They are the best!!!

Marina Burtseva

Marina Burtseva

Thank you very much, Dr. Mulkey for finding the solution. I really appreciate your hard work with me. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends. Dr. Kennedy made a great job. Thank you for being patient and do your professional best!

Georgiana Lukas

Georgiana Lukas

Always sweet... from reception to dental assistant (Rose) to Dr Hildreth.... never a bad experience ~ never a unkind word. 1/10/19. Didn’t really have an appointment today- However, Rose went above and beyond by bringing me my ‘plate ‘ out to the car . All so that I wouldn’t have to go outside in the cold.. So sweet.... I couldn’t ask for a better, sweeter or more customer service oriented practice.


Everyone was very pleasant!


Wanted to have my teeth and gums checked. Dr. Mulkey and Susie are thorough and helpful always.


This the first time a crown has been a perfect fit without any modifications whatsoever! I was in and out in less than 1/2 hour.


Exceptional service wonderful people all around a great place.


On time appointments, professional service, great experience.


Excellent service. Always friendly and professional. Dr. Mulkey has a great team. Special thanks to Susie.


I get excellent service at Lost Mountain Dental!


So happy I was introduced to this dental practice. Every single person I've encountered there has been wonderful. They take excellent care of you whether it's for cleaning or something more involved like a crown. Love this place!


I was very pleased with the personal care that I received by Dr. Mulkey and his staff. They were very professional and very helpful. I will definitely be recommending others to Dr. Mulkey and his practice. Top notch organization!


I was very pleased with this dental office. This was the third one I visited. The other offices were not friendly, they were in a hurry and made me feel like I was wasting their time. I have already referred a friend here and will continue to refer people.