Dentures and Dental Bridges Marietta, GA

Marietta dentists Dr. Michael Mulkey and our team provide tooth replacement options for lost or missing teeth. Our dentists will help you choose which options is best based on your dental health and personal goals and budget.

Why Replace Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is key for long term dental health. Not only do they cause a cosmetic problem, missing teeth can cause future problems with your remaining teeth.

For example, your remaining teeth may drift into the open spaces. This would change your bite and affect your ability to chew. In turn, this can cause bone loss, gum disease or further decay (because it’s more harder to keep your teeth clean).

Types of Dentures

The dentists at Lost Mountain Dental offer several types of dentures. We will help you select the best one that matches your needs, goals and budget.

We call the dentures that we offer in our Marietta dental office “cosmetic dentures” because they are highly aesthetic and look and feel just like natural teeth. The dentures that our dental care team at Lost Mountain Dental offers will fit snugly in your mouth.

There are mainly two types of dentures: Full Dentures and Partial Dentures. Full dentures replace all of a person’s upper or lower teeth. A partial denture replace many missing teeth, similar to a dental bridge.

A denture can either be removable or fixed. Dental implants anchor fixed dentures, and are often called implant-supported dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures, simply known as implant dentures, have an extremely high success rate and level of patient satisfaction. While there is a greater investment for implant dentures, they do provide prime long-term benefits over removable dentures.

  • Secure fit, no worries about dentures falling out when you eat or speak
  • Improved bone retention, implants help to prevent bone loss
  • Ability to eat foods without restrictions
  • Needs no adhesives to keep in place

Dental Bridges in Marietta GA

A dental bridge can replace one missing tooth or many consecutive missing teeth to restore a smile. At Lost Mountain Dental, Dr. Mulkey and our team offer custom ceramic dental bridges in Marietta, GA that fit comfortably and blend in with the appearance of your natural smile.

Today’s dental bridges are almost always fixed in place. Modern bridges are a secure solution to missing teeth that allows you to enjoy the best quality of life.

Dental Bridge: What To Expect

The dental bridge process is multi step and will begin with a consultation to evaluate your dental health and discuss your personal cosmetic concerns. The goal of your treatment is to restore function and looks for long term oral health.

Your Lost Mountain dentist will begin your treatment by preparing adjacent teeth to support the new bridge. In most cases, this involves the placement of a dental crown to strengthen the anchor teeth that the dental bridge attaches to. The next step is to take dental impressions, or a mold of your teeth. The dentist will use the mold to create your custom dental bridge.

A dentist may place a temporary bridge while the dental lab makes your new custom appliance. Once ready, you will come in for a final visit and the fixed placement of your dental bridge.

Denture FAQs

How much do dentures cost?

The cost of dentures will depend on your specific condition, the type of denture and materials used. Your dentist will present you with the various options and costs before selecting a treatment.

Lost Mountain Dental accepts most dental insurance as an out of network provider, and will submit the necessary paperwork and billing. In addition, we offer flexible payment options and an in office savings plan for qualified patients.

Do you repair dentures?

If you need denture repair, please contact our office. In some cases, we may be able to repair an existing denture. In other situations, the dentist may recommend replacing the denture.

What is “All on Four”?

All on four is the name of a popular implant denture procedure. An oral surgeon places as few as four dental implants in the jaw to secure a denture. Your dentist will evaluate your condition and place the number of implants that will yield the best results for your needs and goals.

How long do partial dentures take to settle?

Partial dentures typically take 2 to 3 days for patients to begin to adjust and for them to settle. After this period dentures may begin to feel normal, and patients will adjust to speaking and chewing with them.

How many hours a day should you wear your dentures?

Patients with dentures need to give their gums a resting period, so we recommend removing them at night. Dentures and gum tissue need to rest at least six to eight hours per day. Many patients soak their dentures in a cleaning solution before bed and put them back in when they wake up. This is a perfect time to give your gums a rest.

What not to do after getting dentures?

After getting dentures we recommend patients make some simple changes to their diet, especially while adjusting to eating and chewing with dentures. Patients with dentures should also avoid eating foods that are hard to chew such as tough meats.

How many teeth do you need for a partial?

When you have three or more missing teeth that are adjacent to one another, we typically advise partial dentures. Partial dentures are the best treatment plan when patients are missing three or four teeth in a row.

How long after new dentures can you eat?

An hour and a half following your procedure, you may begin to eat and drink. It is important to be extra careful to avoid contacting the tissue with hard or hot foods, especially if you were numbed for your procedure. For the first few days after, eat soft foods. As soon as you feel comfortable chewing it is safe to return solid, chewier foods into your diet.