Dental Implants Marietta, GA

Dental implants, with an over 95% success rate among patients, provide the most natural looking and functioning tooth replacement option for patients who have lost one or more of their teeth.

Our dentists in Marietta, GA offer all types of dental implants. We can replace one or more missing teeth for a secure, lasting and naturally functioning smile. Highly effective for replacing a single lost tooth, dental implants in Marietta, GA are also used to secure a dental bridge or a denture (a procedure known as “all-on-four”) with results that are stable and improve your oral health.

Dental implants in Marietta, GA

Dr. Mulkey offers several restorative procedures for tooth replacement, including dental implants and implant secured dentures.

Replacing lost teeth as soon as possible is important for your long term dental health. Once a tooth is lost, the body immediately starts to make changes to the bone where the tooth used to be. Over time, the jaw bone shrinks and thins. If you don’t take appropriate action in the proper time frame, you could find yourself in a situation where an implant isn’t possible without considerably more expense.

Dr. Mulkey or one of his associates will perform a thorough examination to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. Not everyone is qualified for dental implants. Patients need to be generally in good health, with healthy gums and sufficient bone in the jaw to support the implants. We offer alternative options for those who are not considered a good candidate, including cosmetic dentures and bridges.

Dental Implant FAQs

What is a dental implant and how does it work?

A dental implant is a bio-compatible titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jaw bone, replacing the root of a missing tooth. When fully integrated with the bone, the dental implant will provide stability and support for a replacement tooth. A dental implant can be used to support a dental crown for a single missing tooth or a denture to replace all of your missing teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants is determined by the number and location of implants, as well as your overall dental health. Dr. Mulkey will review all of your options as well as the cost of procedures prior to treatment. Most dental implant procedures are not covered by insurance, however, we will submit the necessary billing and documentation to your insurance company to allow for the maximum reimbursement.

Lost Mountain Dental also offers flexible payment options and interest free financing to help make dental implants more affordable.

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

In order to be a candidate for dental implants, patients should be healthy enough for surgery, have healthy gums and adequate bone structure to support the implant. Dr. Mulkey will perform a comprehensive evaluation and recommend the various treatment options available to you.

What is the best choice for missing teeth?

Whether you have one or several missing teeth, there are may options for replacement. Dr. Mulkey will evaluate your condition and help you choose which replacement option is best for you. In many cases, a dental implant is the best choice for someone who wants a long lasting, worry free solution.

Dental implants have the highest success rate and patient satisfaction compared with any other type of dental treatment. Dental implants give patients the most lifelike replacement for missing teeth with the ability to eat, drink, speak and smile confidently and without any restrictions.

dental implants vs dentures infographic


About Single Dental Implants

single tooth dental implant marietta gaDental implants offer unique benefits for your overall dental health when used to replace a single lost or missing tooth:

  • No need to degrade neighboring teeth for a dental bridge
  • A secure and permanent restoration
  • Blends naturally with your smile
  • Reduces bone loss in the jaw

One of the key features of a dental implant is the ability of the implanted post to stabilize bone tissue in the jaw where the tooth root used to be. This reduces shrinkage of the jaw and subsequent effects on the fit of the bite for better long term dental health.

About All On Four

all on four marietta gaAll On Four is a revolutionary type of dental implant procedure that uses available bone in the jaw to permanently secure a denture with strategically placed dental implants. This enables patients who may have previously been denied dental implants as a tooth replacement option due to bone loss in the jaw can enjoy the benefits they offer for long term dental health.

All On Four will enable you to enjoy the best possible quality of life and confidence in your smile. No slipping, no discomfort and no maintenance.

Dental Implant Procedure

A small, titanium metal post or root form (the actual implant) is surgically implanted into your jawbone.
Over 6-24 weeks the implant will bond with the bone around it by a biological process.
Once the implant has bonded with the surrounding bone, a small cap is placed over the post to prepare the tissue for the implant.
A temporary attachment is then placed and a mold is taken. This mold is then sent to a lab where your new custom tooth is created.
Once the new tooth has been crafted by the lab, it is placed on the implant and your fully functional new tooth is complete.

Why Choose Dental Implants?
Dental implants offer several key benefits for your overall oral health and quality of life:

  • 95% or higher success rate among current patients
  • Improved bone and gum health (compared to alternative restorations)
  • Avoids degradation of health teeth (as in conventional bridgework)
  • Improves appearance of smile and lower face
  • Patients can enjoy a healthy diet without restrictions
  • No worry of slippage or dentures “falling out”