3 Common Snacks You Should Avoid

Snacks to avoidMany of our patients are finding themselves stuck at home these days, with very little to do but snack. If this is the case for you, we want to help you make wise decisions about your snack options. As your trusted dentist in Marietta, GA, we’ve put together our top snacks that should be avoided for the sake of your smile. Here are three common snacks that you should avoid:


Chewy, gummy, or sour candies are all very harmful to your teeth. Not only do they offer you no vitamins and minerals but they also are full of harmful acids that erode your tooth enamel. Additionally, the sugar in the candy only feeds the harmful bacteria in your mouth and leaves behind residue long after you are finished snacking. You can feel the chewy and gummy candies sticking to your teeth as you eat them. Even your most thorough at-home oral hygiene routine may miss some spots, as candy stubbornly sticks in the crevices of your smile. Because candy is a large contributor to plaque and tartar buildup, remember that the more candy you eat, the more time you will need to spend in the dental chair later on.


We consider soda a snack because of its high amount of sugar. When you drink soda, not only are you filling your mouth with harmful carbonated acid but you are also risking staining your teeth. Many sodas contain staining agents to achieve their artificial colors. It’s a good idea to consume beverages like soda, coffee, or tea in moderation as they often coat your teeth with these staining agents, leaving your teeth discolored. If this happens, we offer teeth whitening solutions to restore your aesthetics. However, it is best to avoid soda if at all possible as it does nothing but damage to your dental health.

Citrus Fruits

While fruits are normally a great snack as they can are loaded with essential vitamins, citrus fruits are notoriously tough on your teeth. If you don’t eat them in moderation, they can erode your enamel. This is the same for fruit juices. Grapefruits, lemon juices, and oranges are among the most common citrus snacks that will need to be eaten in moderation. If you do indulge, try evening out your mouth’s pH balance with a cube of cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter. After about 30 minutes of snacking, rinse your mouth out with water to reduce the number of acids left behind on your teeth.

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