Say Goodbye To Cavities

Cavities can develop in any patient at any age. Learning the proper techniques to prevent cavities can be beneficial in the long run. At Lost Mountain Dental in Marietta, GA, family dentists Dr. Michael H. Mulkey offer comprehensive dental care for patients with cavities. Dr. Mulkey are specially trained to spot any early signs of dysfunction and provide treatment specific to your dental needs. They will work with you to treat your dental cavities and educate you on the best preventive care measures to avoid developing more complex dental problems.

How Cavities Develop

Most patients believe sugar is the only thing that causes cavities; this is partially true. When sugars and starches mix with the harmful bacteria in your mouth, it creates an acid that attacks the tooth enamel. Over time, the tooth enamel begins to break down and decay. If your tooth is not adequately treated, a cavity will start to form.

Cavities can also form due to:

  • Teeth that have large crevices
  • Certain medical conditions or medications that may affect gum health
  • Dry Mouth
  • Poorly placed fillings may cause acid to build up beneath the tooth
  • Smoking and a high sugar diet

Treating Cavities

At Lost Mountain Dental, Dr. Mulkey take great pride in addressing each patients concerns and developing a treatment that is appropriate for their specific needs. In most cases, a cavity will require a dental filling. We offer both composite resin and porcelain dental fillings, which provide patients with a natural looking solution for their dental needs. Patients will also receive a dental cleaning to help remove stubborn plaque and bacteria that is difficult to remove with regular brushing and flossing.To minimize your chance of developing cavities, it is vital that patients establish and maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. Scheduling frequent visits to our Marietta, GA dental office can help us catch any early signs of cavities or other dental problems.

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