Maintain Your Oral Health Through The Holidays

The holiday season is full of festive get togethers, family parties, gift exchanges, traditional activities- and lots of sugary snacks and beverages!

While we hope that your holiday season leads to more great memories, we also hope that you don’t have to call us due to a dental emergency, or that your next visit to our location involves a dental filling.

Dr. Michael H. Mulkey and their dedicated staff offer a few oral hygiene tips to keep your smile healthy throughout the season:

  • Enjoy those cakes, cookies and candies in moderation- good for the smile and the waistline!
  • Chew sugar free gum or rinse with water after a sweet snack or dark beverages such as red wine
  • Never use your teeth to crack a nut or open a package- keep the right tools handy for guests
  • Brush and floss daily, even when your routine is disrupted by fun and travel
  • Be sure to visit our office for routine dental care as needed to keep your teeth and gums healthy

Should a dental emergency arise, contact our Marietta, GA office as soon as possible for advice on how best to handle the situation and mitigate permanent damage.

If holiday stress is leading to tooth grinding or jaw clenching, contact Drs. Mulkey to schedule a visit and learn more about how a custom mouth guard could protect your teeth and improve dental health. Left untreated, these habits can lead to tooth damage and other dental problems.