Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Maintain a Healthy Smile

Dr. Mulkey, a Marietta cosmetic dentist, emphasizes the importance of keeping the natural teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible to support overall good health in adults and seniors. A healthy, functional smile contributes to a good quality of life by enabling patients to enjoy a varied diet, speak normally and participate in an active social life.

Cosmetic dentistry, often thought of as treatments to whiten, straighten and enhance your smile can also provide procedures that will improve dental health and keep your smile functional and comfortable for the long run. Cosmetic dentistry can serve an important role in maintaining dental health and your sense of confidence in your appearance- both of which contribute to a good quality of life!

Porcelain veneers, tooth bonding and dental crowns are cosmetic procedures that will improve the appearance of your smile while addressing dental concerns such as damaged teeth, tooth decay and minor imperfections. In many situations, cosmetic concerns can also have an affect on the balance of the bite. An imbalanced bite can lead to complex dental problems down the road that may compromise the integrity of the teeth and gums.

For patients who have lost a tooth (or teeth), finding the best replacement option is key to restoring good dental health and allowing them to function normally on a daily basis. Dr. Mulkey offers dental implants in his Marietta dentist office, providing patients with the most successful alternative for tooth replacement and long term function.

Watch this short ADA video on the benefits of cosmetic dentistry for long term dental health.

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